At IKONICS Imaging, we’ve been advancing innovation in our industry since our inception. We’ve continually pushed for incremental gains in our equipment’s efficiency, cleanliness and ease of use. Shop our line of CrystalBlast Sandcarving Machines, AquaBlast Washout Machines, Exposure Units for our Photoresist Films, and Drying Machines

  • ikonics imaging crystalblast scout sandcarving machine

    CrystalBlast Scout



    Simplicity Meets Efficiency CrystalBlast Scout embodies the characteristics of simplicity and efficiency. The Scout is the simplest to operate and the least expensive sandcarving machine to purchase. The Scout is ideal for the hobbyist or occasional...

  • d-100 dryer commercial film dryer for sandcarving ikonics imaging

    D-100 Dryer



    The D-100 commercial film dryer is compact, fast and adjustable. Use this dryer to automatically dry your photoresist sandcarving films and keep your workflow moving. $2,380.35 Built to order. Call your IKONICS Imaging Representative to find out lead...

  • letralite exposure unit for sandcarving ikonics imaging letralite exposure unit for sandcarving ikonics imaging




    Compact and economical exposure The Letralite is a compact, economical unit used to expose photoresist films. A unique cylindrical compression frame wraps around a 15 watt black fluorescent light bulb for uniform exposure over an 11" x 14" area. The...

  • quick image exposure unit for ikonics imaging sandcarving photoresist films quick image exposure unit for ikonics imaging sandcarving photoresist films

    Quick Image

    $2,625.00 - $3,750.00


    Quality Exposure Made Easy Our Quick Image Exposure Unit with LED strips operates at lower temperatures and can last over 50,000 hours with light that never degrades. Startup and cool down times are eliminated because the LED bulbs start and stop...

  • ikonics imaging triggerjet nozzle washout photoresist film

    TriggerJet Nozzle



    Affordable and user-friendly washout The TriggerJet is a low-cost, adjustable spray nozzle used in conjunction with a standard garden hose and tap water for low volume photoresist film development. This durable polypropylene nozzle can simulate the...

  • large washout booth for photoresist film sandcarving etched glass ikonics imaging

    Washout Booth



    Space saving Washout Booth Our washout booths are made of durable, chemically resistant polypropylene. With color coded parts and bolt-on legs, the booth requires minor assembly. While the large size is offered as a space saving sink for your shop, we...