CrystalBlast Expanded Cabinets

The CrystalBlast® Big Box cabinets accommodate larger items that often do not fit inside standard size cabinets. This model also includes smaller flow controls used to keep that abrasive flowing properly during standard sandcarving applications using a 3/32" nozzle size to keep the frictional heat at a minimum.

Often you just need a larger cabinet size to close the door on the part being processed. The most common Big Box sizes are square with the depth and width the same. This often allows a fixed turntable or a mobile turntable to be added to the machine for heavy parts or part rotation during sandcarving.

These units are not to be confused with the CrystalBlast Master Production Models that include larger faster nozzle sizes, much larger dust collectors and larger abrasive flow control circuits.

The larger the cabinet the less the hopper slope and many of the Big Box models include the hopper vibrator pot loading assist circuit to help feed abrasive back into the pressure pot assembly.

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Cry-Discharge Kit: Make the cleanest machine, even cleaner.
Tapeless Port Insert: Eliminate the taping process.

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