CrystalBlast® MonuBlast

Direct Pressure Machine With Patented CleanFlo Technology & World-Class Construction

Made for the stone carving industry, the CrystalBlast MonuBlast Direct Pressure Machine has been designed for Production Stone Carving using direct pressure. Direct Pressure Machines have a more concentrated blasting pattern and higher frictional heat than siphon models. They can carve stone faster using a smaller abrasive pattern with less compressed air.

Direct Pressure Machines offer what no siphon can match, depth of carving and reduced mask failure. The rear mounted negative pressure dust collector uses the most advanced cartridge filtration, resulting in effortless automatic pneumatic cleaning cycle assembly. This ensures a longer machine duty cycle, cleaner work area and longer blower service life. The replaceable cartridge style filter includes 440 Sq.Ft. of dust storage filter surface and cleans using an automatic timed vibrator cycle. The capacity to store dust with semi-automatic pot loading is what makes this machine the right choice for carving marker stones.

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Standard Features
• 48” Inside Height
• Raised Operator Ports and View Window
• Enlarged Operator View Window (31” x 16”)
• Inside Mobile Work Cart
• Poly Turntable with Inside Tracks
• Automatic Timed Cleaning Cycle
• Constant Pressure, Manually Operated Pot
• Blow-Down Controls for instant on/off of nozzle
• Magnahelic Dust Collector Monitor Gauge
• Window Sweep to help keep window clean
• Low Static Window Protector
• Air Inlet Filters, top mounted
• 10” Diameter Raised Work Ports
• And much more!

Upgrade Options Available
• Two Step Raised Operator Station with back rail
• Vibrator Pot Loading Assist
• Ambient Dryer
• Automatic Timed Reverse Pulse Cleaning Cycle
• Free Standing 880 Sq.Ft. Automatic Time Reverse Pulse Cleaning Dust Collector with Manual Pulse Over-Ride Controls
• Maintenance Meter
• Outside Track Extensions for Mobile Work Cart with Door Modifications
• Pneumatic Abrasive Conveyor & remote abrasive pot for fine abrasives

Cry-Discharge Kit: Make the cleanest machine, even cleaner.
Tapeless Port Insert: Eliminate the taping process.

Add-on The Full Starter Kit!
MonuBlast Kit
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