CrystalBlast® Pro X2

With Patented CleanFlo Engineered for U.S. and International Companies
IKONICS Imaging introduces the NEW CrystalBlast Pro X2 featuring enhanced dust collector filtration with a semi-automatic pneumatic filtration cleaning cycle. The Pro X2 is fabricated and built to help eliminate maintenance operating with simple controls allowing many successful years of sandcarving.
The X2 is internationally compatible including; 50 or 60 cycle, 120V or 220V, 2-Pole On-Off Switch along with NEW LED lighting within the cabinet.

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Standard Features
• Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Vibrato Dust Collector
• New User Friendly Dashboard with Air pressure control and vibrating dust collector switch
• Larger 90 square foot dual cartridge, cartridge filtration with tested MERV rating
• 50 or 60 Cycle
• Two-Pole On-Off Switch
• 120 or 220 Volt
• LED Lighting
• Ergonomically Designed for Seated or Standing Operation
• Padded armrest
• ASME 50 lb Capacity Pressure Pot with Clean-Out Port
• Removable Patented Cyclone 180
• 100% Welded—12 and 14 Gauge Steel
• 550 CFM Exhaust Blower with a dual 45 sq. ft.(90 total sq. ft.) Certified Filter Cartridge
• Lexair Valve High Pressure Long Wear for abrasive flow control
• Micro Abrasive Hose with Quick Disconnect Roctec Long Wear 3/32" Nozzle
• Pot Scalper Screen
• Air Regulator, Filter, Water Trap and Gauge
• Full-View Laminated Viewing Window with Protector Glass
• Complete with Machine Wheels
• High efficiency Window Sweep

Cry-Discharge Kit: Make the cleanest machine, even cleaner.
Tapeless Port Insert: Eliminate the taping process.

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