About IKONICS Imaging

An international leader of imaging technologies for over 65 years, IKONICS continues to lead the sandcarving industry as the Total Solution supplier for all sandcarving needs. Made in America and distributed globally, IKONICS Imaging supplies the most innovative line of sandcarvers, automated washout units, photoresist films, crystal products, and training. Professional sandcarving experts and newcomers alike benefit from our wide range of exceptional products including:

  • Sandblasters
  • Photoresist Film
  • Automated Washout units
  • Laser and Inkjet Media
  • Crystal and Glass blanks
  • Crystal Barware
  • Process Systems
  • Exposure Units
  • Abrasive Material
  • Sandblasting Training Resources
  • So much more
Industry Research

Market opportunities for sandcarving are as vast as they are diverse. Whether you are personalizing awards or pursuing the architectural market, discover the right solution for your business with IKONICS Imaging. Our researchers closely study the demands of both sandcarvers and consumers. We’re constantly looking to challenge our development team to continue to provide quality products that address key concerns of today’s sandcarving professionals.

Leading Development

Engage with expert chemists, engineers, and skilled technicians in the sandcarving industry. IKONICS Imaging’s infrastructure of an experienced development team has given birth to world-class sandcarving equipment, state-of-the-art photoresist films, and a host of industry leading products for sandcarving professionals.

Meet The Team

As the world’s leading supplier of decorative sandblasting equipment and sandcarving supplies, IKONICS Imaging has the strongest pool of sandcarving experts available to help start your business and hone your skillset. From hands-on training seminars to online resources, IKONICS Imaging is dedicated to your success as a sandcarving professional. Click Here to meet the team.